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Dallas has long been a tech mecca of the South and offers top-flight universities to help you get the training to qualify for positions in programming and other high-tech fields. But picking up a four-year degree isn’t the only way to qualify for a job as a tech worker. Immersion programs at bootcamps such as Devmountain Dallas can help you get cutting-edge training.


This article examines the Devmountain Dallas campus and shows you what you can expect if you attend classes there. We cover curricula, campus location, outcomes, financial aid options, and more. Dallas has plenty of excellent training programs, and our guide lets you know if Devmountain has what it takes to join their ranks.


Devmountain Overview


Devmountain was founded back in 2013 by a group of professionals whose lives were transformed after learning tech skills. The school has campuses in Dallas, Phoenix, and Lehi, as well as temporary coding and design programs in satellite locations in other cities.


Devmountain Dallas 


Students studying on laptops
Devmountain students hard at work.


Devmountain Dallas is located at 500 S. Ervay St. in Dallas and is near both public transit and student parking. The school is adjacent to shopping and restaurants.


The Devmountain Dallas campus is the main Texas location for the school. The campus is open daily and on select evenings when classes are in session.


Dallas Offerings


Devmountain focuses on courses in software engineering and offers full-time courses on campus. Full-time immersion students qualify for Devmountain Dallas housing on the campus at no additional cost.


Devmountain Dallas offers hands-on project-based courses in web development, which takes the form of a 13-week immersive course that teaches the basics of full stack web development and includes instruction on building sites. Tuition for the course is $11,900, which includes housing.


Admissions Process


Admission to Devmountain begins when you fill out an online application. Schedule a time for a phone consultation, and then interview with the school’s admissions team to confirm you have the drive to complete the course. After that, students take a skills assessment and select a course start date that works for them.


Financing Options


Devmountain offers two third-party financing options and awards monthly scholarships that range from $3,000 to full tuition.




All students in the bootcamp community work with career support specialists to get the tools to find a job in their field. The school’s career support services include LinkedIn training, resumé optimization, job negotiation training, interview help, career prep, and more. 




While Devmountain’s course offerings are narrower in scope than some of the other big names in technical training, the curriculum quality and free housing put this school over the top.


Devmountain alumni compete for the top Dallas tech jobs and often succeed in snagging them.

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