Best Companies to Watch Dallas


The tech industry has grown so much that many cities in the country are becoming a tech hub. In Dallas, especially the Fort Worth area, nearly 8 percent of the region’s total job count falls under the tech sector. It is also home to many tech headquarters like Alcatel and Lockheed Martin. Aside from that, Dallas has a large selection of educational institutions that can help groom more talented techies. Learn more about the tech landscape in Dallas with these companies that are offering ingenious products and services. 




Lifeblue’s team
Lifeblue strives to help transform companies in unpredictable ways.


Lifeblue is a full-service digital media company that strategically partners with clients to help change the world. Its first focus is to upgrade the client’s journey and lessen friction points by delivering strategies specially structured to include website design, content marketing, and digital platform development. 


Lifeblue worked together with Heifer International to develop a digital platform that made it easier for donors to see and share first-person stories of the impact made. In the first two months after Lifeblue relaunched the Heifer Marketplace online, the sales were up 405 percent over the total from the previous year.


Lifeblue’s team members are driven with purpose, keen to innovate, and out-of-the-box thinkers. They believe how they treat colleagues and clients will make the company stand out from others in the industry. Lifeblue offers its employees benefits like generous parental leave, flexible scheduling, professional development budget, and no limiting vacation policy. 




Skvare’s logo
To date, Skvare has made 27 open-source contributions.


The company’s name is pronounced “square” and it is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) organization specializing in CiviCRM and Drupal. Skvare can configure and customize CiviCRM—which is an open-source CRM system—to manage the donations, events, contacts, campaigns, communication needs, and memberships of all customers and members of its clients. 


Meanwhile, Drupal is a secure and reliable platform for content management. So, with Skvare’s development standards on top of Drupal’s tools, developers can reduce potential errors, save time, and make changes with version control. While hosting with Skvare is not required, its infrastructure is already secured, configured, and optimized for superior Drupal and CiviCRM performance. Its servers are scanned daily for viruses, malware, intrusions, and other unusual activity.


Skvare works with professional societies, non-profit groups, and organizations driven by memberships to build solutions that will resolve a specific problem. To meet its client’s goals, Skvare analyzes each customer’s unique needs and applies the necessary technical tools and business processes. 


Sports Media Inc.


Sports Media’s team members at a party
Sports Media has a team of experts in entertainment and sports culture.


Sports Media, Inc. (SMI) is a multi-faceted sports marketing, promotional, and media company that utilizes a completely integrated approach in the development of client programs. Its mission is to provide the best professional service to stand out in the sports marketing industry. It has been maintaining its reputation by creating exciting opportunities for athletes and companies that are recognized worldwide.


Ray Salinas founded SMI in 1991, with its first host on its sports entertainment show, Cowboys Live, being Back Emmitt Smith, a Dallas Cowboys Running. For the next 16 years, SMI produced hour-long sports entertainment radio shows with athletes in professional hockey, basketball, football, and baseball. It takes very seriously the quality of its shows and for this reason, all the productions are made in-house. 


What started as a local radio show called “Cowboys Live” has grown to become an energetic, humorous, and in-depth program dubbed “Inside the Huddle”. From exciting Dallas Cowboy appearances to great networking opportunities at the VIP Pre-Show Meet and Greet, SMI offers its clients a unique chance to promote their company.




Hidrent’s promotional image
Hidrent offers partnership opportunities for businesses looking for safe, trustworthy, and reliable temp services.


There are 1.2 million firefighters in the country—all of whom have undergone extensive background checks above and beyond a simple online screen. Their schedules are typically 24 hours on followed by 48 hours off, which gives them 20 off duty days per month. 


Hidrent is a platform for firefighters to supplement their income during off duty days. It connects firefighters with clients that need reliable and trustworthy handymen. Not only firefighters are strong and handy, but they have also received all government-sanctioned training that will prove beneficial especially in these trying times.


They are used to having their temperatures checked multiple times daily. They are trained in social distancing and strictly adhere to the latest sanitization guidelines as outlined by the CDC.  There has never been a better time to realize the value of relying on members of your firefighting community to help you safely complete necessary home tasks. 


The Lash Lounge


Ladies of The Lash Lounge
With its semi-permanent and permanent makeup services, complete your everyday style without disrupting your morning routine.


The Lash Lounge is a pioneer in the eyelash salon industry. It seeks to define the industry, own the category, and become the premier destination for eyelash treatments. The Lash Lounge provides a luxury experience that attracts expert stylists and helps women face the world with confidence. Its team is professional, appreciative, service-oriented, and leaders of integrity.


Some perks enjoyed by The Lash Lounge’s employees include a proprietary training program to provide them with the latest, most innovative lashing, and guest care courses. Because The Lash Lounge has an exclusive lash design, all stylists are trained to use in-house techniques to achieve personalized looks that are unique for each customer.


It currently has over 100 salons and 500 stylists. The Lash Lounge not only offers eyelash extensions, but also other services like eyebrows threading and tinting, lashes lift, and permanent makeup. It offers a membership program that includes two refills per month, 10% off on all products and services, and a selection of eyelash extensions. 


31,000 FT


A screen capture of 31,000 FT’s website
31,000 FT has worked with renowned brands like Samsung and BMW.


31,000FT is a marketing and advertisement startup comprising of senior talents from big agencies with blue-chip client expertise. It started with three core principles—nimble by nature, collaborative by design, and efficient as a result. 


The company specializes in TV, radio, print, social media, websites, and of course, brand building and strategy. Custom-crafted creativity is baked into everything 31,000FT does. It believes every brand, company, and a cause has a higher-level purpose, and finding that purpose is the key to unlocking growth and reaching the full potential. 31,000FT is named based on its belief that people are motivated by higher-level emotional benefits.


It boasts a huge portfolio of clientele including the biggest names such as Sara Lee, GSK, Samsung, Epson, L’oreal, and Chevrolet. Head on over to the company’s website to check out some of its works.


Willow St. Agency

Willow St. Agency founders Jim Sykora, Larry Johannes, and Scott Howell
Willow St.  is not an address, it’s a state of mind.


Willow St. is a hybrid advertising company, specializing in digital creation for web, mobile, broadcast, print, guerilla, and other media. Work crafted end-to-end by the business thinkers and artists that conceived it. Its clients look to Willow St. Agency when they’re ready for a change. According to the company, it’s about much more than integrated planning and teamwork. It’s about a whole new way of producing the vast amounts of content you need to build a brand and increase share.


Willow St. Agency has a great facility that integrates full-motion graphics and editing with high-end digital productions with cinema-quality. It generates engaging content for print, web, social media, and broadcast with a team that is an expert in the industry. The company has worked with many clients including American chef Andrew Zimmern, whose second season debuted as the highest-rated show in network history at the time. In fact, viewership for the season increased by 17% thanks to Willow St. Agency.


LINQ Brands


LINQ’s founders Holly Mason and Summer Nilsson
LINQ connects premium brands by connecting people.


LINQ is a platform to give clients an expert partner in the business. It helps them increase revenue by implementing marketing strategy initiatives. LINQ works closely with the customers to get to know them and what drives them and find creative ways to tell their stories. Together with clients, LINQ builds lasting relationships between brands with the same vision and among different audiences. As its name suggests, LINQ is all about connections.


LINQ puts brands in touch with their people, their power, and their promise. Through crazy experiences, unique storytelling, touching content, and powerful partnerships, LINQ walks its clients along the path of success. Its services include brand partnership, content collaborations, strategy and consultancy, merchandise collaborations, influencer strategy and activation, experiential marketing, sponsorships, and non-profit alignment.


Groove Jones


A person is wearing Groove Jones’ VR device
Groove Jones won the 2019 OBIE Award with a campaign for the Dallas Mavericks with Augmented Reality.


Groove Jones is a creative tech company that works with world-class brands to produce experiences that will transform the industry. Groove Jones designs projects with virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence application development, and machine learning. Its work is so good that Groove Jones has won many accolades. Its team is a mix of professionals from many niches like interior design, graphic design, technologists, arts, industrial design, usability experts, engineering, content creation, project management, and more. 


Groove Jones’ team comes from various disciplines from developing enterprise apps and video games, creating amusement park rides and location-based entertainment, to directing feature motion pictures and broadcast commercials. Groove Jones is focused on taking care of its client’s problems with imaginative and dynamic solutions for different platforms. 


GrooveTech is its proprietary group of technologies that it has developed as a base for many of its productions. Groove Jones’ platform is flexible, user-friendly, reliable, and secure. It is supported by high-end technology so the team can design solutions for every customer. 



IMN’s logo
The Imbue Media Network, IMN for short, was founded in 2017.


IMN is a media network that focuses on business and entertainment. It generates profit from affiliate partnerships with more established companies and their original content. IMN creates content in many forms but centralizes them on their five in-house platforms—its website (, its magazine (The IMN), its video streaming platform (IMN TV), its podcast (Underground Reggie) and its online radio station (Z-101.6).


IMN is invested in helping the lives of others. It plans on doing its part through charitable donations and community events. It helps organizations like Unicef, American Red Cross, NAACP, World Wild Life, and American Cancer Society.




The leadership team at TrenData
TrenData understands the importance of confidentiality, and treats your data in a very careful way.


TrenData offers cloud-based people analytics software to enterprise and medium-sized organizations that enable finance, human resources, and business leaders to better optimize their workforce. The company’s platform is driven by machine learning and offers powerful predictive analysis and modeling that provides the ability to not only see what’s on the business horizon but how to change it for the better. And if the organization’s data is spread out over multiple systems, TrenData’s intelligent aggregating engine can easily pull it all together for unified results.


Co-founded by leaders with years of experience in the people software space, TrenData understands its customers and what they need to succeed. The company is headquartered at the Hexa complex near Dallas but offers its employees the choice to telecommute permanently or when necessary. TrenData’s data centers comply with SOC-3 and they are ISO 9001:2015 certified. The data centers also have round-the-clock physical security on entrances, walkaround patrols, recorded video surveillance, temperature and humidity control, 24/7 high internet bandwidth, and abundant UPS power.




Fanpage's homepage
Fanpage app is available on both Android and iOS.


Fanpage is the company behind the app with the same name that allows fan communities to connect with their favorite superstar, team, writer—just anyone famous, really. It has more than 1,000 communities like fans of Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Users can interact with other fans that have the same interests from all over the world. At the same time, they can win Star points by using the app. 


Fanpage has a leaderboard page where it displays the number one fan from each community.  It also has fan army charts so all users can vote for their favorite team and the winners will be announced accordingly. The Fanpage app has a video series focusing on a competition called Fan Army Charts Countdown. And for users without the app, they can also view the results on Fanpage’s website. 


Artists that participate in this platform can grow admirers by interacting with them. They can give special rewards or gifts to their number one fan, create games and competitions—anything that will engage their fan community. Advertisers can also use the platform to create targeted marketing for the users, plus the opportunity to connect with certain fandoms. 


Churchy Life


A model wearing Churchy Life's hoodie
Churchy Life is the home of Church Funny, Churchy Date, and the brand new Churchy Life podcast.


Churchy Life is a digital media platform that celebrates being a Christian, living a Christian life, and everything that comes along with it. The fun, the music, the fellowship, the stories—Churchy Life is bringing it all to the forefront in exciting new ways. It has its own shop that sells merchandise like the Church Funny collection and Gospel Legends collection, which are Christian graphic tees that pay homage to legends in the gospel music industry.


Another of its services is the Churchy Life podcast which features personalities from the Christian lifestyle like bishops, musicians, deacons, preachers, and more. Churchy Life broadcasts conversations about many topics and releases a new episode every Sunday, at 3:30 pm. This is in honor of all of the 3:30 services the people of God have had to sit through over the years. The podcast is hosted by the creator and founder of Churchy Life and Church Funny, Damon Collins.


Epitome Magazine


Epitome Magazine Founder and President.
Epitome is a gospel magazine with powerful sermons from churches around the world, touching testimonials, and uplifting prayers.


Epitome Magazine is a platform to inform the public about the principles of everyday life. It has a commitment to be a space that profiles a variety of informational issues such as spirituality, family, health, and finances as a tangible publication for your everyday walk in life. Epitome Magazine will build its legacy as a caring and responsible publication of spreading the truth, and desirable ideas for the conduct of its people in the communities it serves.


Epitome publications cover articles in the areas of health and fitness, finance, beauty, shifting moment, mental health, spiritual advice, and business. President, Monica Johnson,  is also the author of Shift from Broken to Breathtaking, a self-help book about overcoming hardships.




Backendless' homepage
Backendless offers codeless, serverless, and API service solutions for your mobile back end needs.


Backendless is a team of developers passionately committed to making it easy for fellow developers to do great things. It challenges status quo tech companies and thinks independently, seeking continuous improvement, and actively supporting its customer’s innovation. It is the company behind you and your next great app. 


Backendless has tens of thousands of users and is continuing to grow its customer base month after month. Its loyal customers range from small startups to renowned Fortune 500 companies operating in a variety of industries.


Its solutions include user management, real-time database, API services, push notifications, Backendless pro, and email marketing. Backendless mBaaS is a complete back end with support for user authentication, data persistence, file storage, messaging, and custom business logic—basically, everything you need to build awesome apps without worrying about servers.


Getting started with Backendless Cloud is easy. Simply register to instantly start building your app on the free plan where you can experience all the features of the platform, no credit card required. When you’re ready to scale up, you can easily upgrade to one of its affordable paid plans to meet your server resource and database capability needs.




Doculife is personal document storage, reimagined.


Doculife is the perfect platform for users to document their lives. It is designed and created so people can have unique digital experiences and upgrade their day-to-day life. If you don’t want to lose precious memories, you can use Doculife’s app to organize, create, and share them. It has already helped thousands of users to achieve what they dream of by organizing their documents and files, which are also accessible from any device.


Doculife can be used by property owners, parents, students, photographers, collection makers, event planners, and travel agents. Organize what you already have and the app can tell you what you might be missing. It also adds another layer of helpfulness with handy widgets. Users’ security is guaranteed—Doculife will never sell or give away your personal data or information, mine your data for its gain, or “make you the product”. The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. 


Twenty-First Digital


Twenty-First Digital team
Email marketing, paid search, social media, and search engine optimization all make up the base of Twenty-First Digital’s ecosystem.


Twenty-First Digital helps its clients monetize their audience. It achieves this by personalizing the interactions of the brand with their customers. By doing so, clients feel they are being heard and the brand finds their opinions important. By organizing email campaigns and databases, and capturing new emails, Twenty-First Digital is able to help brands reach the right audience at the right time. It crafts social media blueprints to increase brand recognition, capture attention, drive users’ loyalty, and build the client’s online presence.


Melissa Chowning came up with the idea for Twenty-First Digital by accident. She worked for more than five years for D Magazine, plus more than 12 years in the regional publishing area. During this time, Chowning realized that publishers were losing the battle of growing their audience by not building meaningful relationships. So, she came up with the idea to create an audience development agency and include her ex-coworker Ahsley Mulder and friend Lauren Frappier. In 2018, Twenty-First Digital was born and its name honors the floor where Chowning worked with Mulder at D Magazine.




Alanna AI's homepage
The company leverages on AI to personalize the closing experience.


Alanna is an AI-powered virtual closing assistant that is smart, resourceful, and always eager to help. Its main mission is to save real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers time by providing real-time information concerning their closing during the entire process.


In the past, most title companies would scramble at the end of the month and they need extra closers to answer critical business questions. Alanna can help by offloading easy questions—either general or file-based ones—which lets your closers focus on other pressing matters.  Alanna can also leverage your closing system to generate buyer/seller closing cost estimates.


Alanna uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand requests and can be trained to answer new requests as trends are observed. With Alanna, customers can send or request documents and enjoy instant responses via a secure channel. Real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers can simply text Alanna to get the information they need—no logins or apps required.




Fuzse's logo
With Fuzse, electronic payments are made different for developers and beyond.


Fuzse is a financial technology organization that specializes in working with mobile apps, custom software, and web development firms to bring more advanced solutions for easier e-commerce.  Clients will first undergo an assessment of their current payment strategy. The team at Fuzse will then highlight all areas that need improvement and configure a tailored approach that best fosters the company’s growth and needs.


Fuzse empowers companies to offer in-app purchasing, service a full functioning e-commerce platform, and much more. It also ensures all solutions are compatible with client’s existing platform like WordPress, Shopify, Apple Pay, or Another thing that sets Fuzse apart from others is its partner incentive program—an initiative that pays its referral partners in perpetuity for every merchant they successfully on-board. This is how its partners can make a percentage out of Fuzse’s gross profit.




CogniAIm's homepage
CogniAIm is a company focused on delivering business value through Artificial Intelligence.


CogniAIm’s mission is to create technology just like us, human-like. With the belief that cognitive AI is essential for today’s business, the company strives to address business needs with products and offerings are aligned with AI-enabled chatbot development. 


The company’s solutions are made to serve a variety of industries including tech, finance, automotive, retail, and healthcare, with up to 19 types of assistance available to meet your demands. For instance, if you are in need of a shopping virtual partner, CogniAIm’s smart assistant can conduct product research for you in a conversational style. It can also gather your preferences from the conversation and make specific suggestions based on your needs.


All of its tech projects are executed by following an Agile methodology-based collaborative approach. By utilizing its pre-build tech components, services, and APIs, CogniAIm can help businesses cut down on delivery time. It also aims to be recognized as a leading AI company, and strive to grow the business while contributing to the growth of the AI field.

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